Small Holders 

We provide a full range of services for all your small holder needs, and can tailor our advice to match your level of experience, and the animals you keep including:

  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Camelids
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Backyard poultry

Parasite control:
Worms, lice, and mites can be an issue on any farm, but where stock numbers are low, repetitively treating with chemicals to kill off parasites may be unnecessary. We are encouraging all small holders to carry out quarterly worm egg counts in order to discover the levels on your pastures.  This can be carried out by our trained staff at the practice, on a small sample of fresh faeces.
Where parasite numbers are low, treatment may not be required at all, saving you money and leading to less resistance to certain drugs, so they will work well when you really need them. 
Where treatment is needed, we can offer advice on exactly which products to use, and on accurate dosing, in order that you only use exactly what is needed. 

If you breed from your small flock or herd, we offer advice on a range of areas, from providing the correct nutrition to increase fertility at the time of mating, to ultrasound scanning to check for a viable pregnancy, to health of the neonate.

We can supply you with a full nutritional profile and construct the correct diet for your small flock or herd. Profiles are tailor made for your holding, and will be specific to the breeds you keep, and what you do with them, from breeding animals, to purely pets.

Individual animal treatment:
We provide ourselves on our excellent clinical service. Should one of your flock or herd become ill, we offer a 24 hour-365 day emergency service. All of our dedicated farm vets are trained in all areas of farm work, including obstetrics, and surgery. We have a range of diagnostic tools to hand, including mobile X-Ray, ultrasound scanners and endoscopes. Blood samples can be run rapidly at our Droitwich practice, to help us with our diagnosis. You can also bring your animal to us, if you wish to save money on call out fees. 

We understand that alpacas and lamas are unique and distinctive. We provide a health planning and management service that takes into account their susceptibility to parasites, and their specialist nutritional and reproductive requirements. We work closely with Claire Whitehead who is a European specialist in camelid medicine, and Josie Rafferty, one of our farm vets, has a keen interest in all areas of camelid work. 

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