Introducing Our Practice Team 

Everyone at our practice is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Our veterinary team bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualification.

We asked our staff members 2 questions to show up on the website, so you can get to know them a little better and understand every one of us is here to help you and your animal in the best way we possibly can.

The questions were;

Why do you do what you do?

What is your favourite part of your job/role? (Some people wrote a little more)



Sarah Platt – Owner

I graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia in 1982. After working in Oxford, Coventry and Bromley I bought the Broadway Veterinary Centre in 1986. Over the years I have been passionate about being a good GP. There are many specialist fields in the veterinary world but being a GP has its special rewards. I love the long term friendships and relationships that develop over the years with clients. There is something very special about following an animal from babyhood through to old age.

Over the years my family have had 5 boxers, 2 ridgebacks, 1 staffy cross and 7 cats. Including the inevitable Tom and Jerry named by the children!

Professionally I am especially interested in dermatology and behaviour problems but try to keep my skills broad and up to date.

 I like to relax by crochet or knitting, reading, keeping fit and when not walking the dogs I can be found involved in my local church activities.

Di Stark
Qualified at Glasgow University vet School and have always worked in practice, mainly small animal but with some horse work. I Have done several trips abroad to vaccinate and neuter stray dogs in India and Malawi to control rabies. Hobbies include showing dogs and riding horses.


Georgina Stoneley

I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 and have worked at Broadway ever since. I enjoy surgery and have a particular interest in rabbit medicine and surgery.

At home I have 2 spoilt bunnies and a rescue cat. In my spare time I enjoy sailing and reading.



Tara Blagden


Liz Garratt-Bridle

I always loved animals, grew up with lots and did work experience at a local vets as a teenager. When I was older I pursued a career as an English teacher, but found I desperately missed the animals, so at 24 I retrained as a veterinary nurse. Best decision I could have made! My advice, always follow your heart.

I love, Cats, Rabbits and Animal Behaviour and helping the local community with their furry companions.


Becky Smith

I've wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse or work with animals, for as long as I can remember. I Started working at the BVG in 2010 as a kennel assistant, then started training as a vet nurse at Canterbury College in 2013. I Qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in October 2016 and love being part of the Broadway family! I love working with all animals, but have a soft spot for wildlife that is brought into us. It's such an amazing feeling when we get to release wildlife, such as hedgehogs and birds back into their natural habitat, after nursing them back to health.

I am Broadway's Radiography Protection Supervisor, which means I make sure everyone is safe and properly protected when we have to x-ray our patients.

In my spare time, I like to take my dog on long beach walks, snuggle with my two guinea pigs and keep active at the gym.


Barbara Lee

Having started my nursing career in 1984, I obtained my veterinary nursing qualification in 1989 after attending Berkshire College of agriculture. The only break I have had from nursing was a short maternity leave after having my son in 1994. I have worked in a variety of places, from small GP practices to referral centres and 2 Veterinary Schools, where I was lucky to have specialist nursing jobs, being Oncology Nurse at Cambridge and a Clinical Investigations nurse at the Royal veterinary College. I really enjoy getting to know the clients and their animals in a small practice, as its where we can see pets from youngsters to their older years.

Out of work I am a member of a choir, and have enjoyed singing from an early age i also enjoy photography and sewing projects.

Apart from my husband, I share my home with my black lab, 2 rescue cats and a tank full of tropical fish.


Nursing Assistants:

Jan Partner
I grew up with various animals then trained in veterinary nursing when I left school. When I had a family we had horses, dogs cats, and all sorts of other animals. My passions include wildlife conservation and I have reared many infant birds including barn owls and released them.

I've been at the Broadway for over 10 years now continuing my passion for animals.


Emily Green

From a very young age I was immersed in the veterinary world, and grew up with a love for animals.

I worked in the office for BVG  then spent a brief time working with a dog behaviourist. I came back because I missed the clinical work, all the different animals, and the BVG team!

I am interested in dog behaviour and nutrition and I am currently training to be a registered veterinary nurse.

My hobbies are horse riding, dog walking and dog training

Student Nurse

Kelsey Holness

I knew I always wanted to work with animals but was unsure what profession to go into, until my cat was involved in a road traffic accident. After all the support of the nurses and vets who nursed him back to health, I realised this what I wanted to do.

I enjoy every part of my job, especially nursing ill patients back to health again, I get to work with so many different species even wildlife and exotics sometimes. I love that every day is different, you never know what to expect!





Sophie Howlett

I do what I do because no two day are ever the same and interesting and varied job.

My favourite part of my job is gaining knowledge from vets and the nursing team.


Lindsey Allen
I have always had a love of animals, so as I live in a flat, I enjoy working in an environment where I can spend time with them.


Kelsey Rawlings
I wanted to be a veterinary receptionist due to my love for animals. I previously went to Canterbury college and did animal studies. my favourite part of my job is meeting the animals when they come to the vets

In my spare time I like to walk my little Jack Russell and socialise with friends


Sue Batchelor

My love for animals began when aged 6 we got our first puppy, a beautiful Beagle puppy called Candy who very quickly established herself firmly within our family and hearts.

This passion has grown and developed throughout my life and it has been wonderful to be working here at the Broadway Vets for almost 9 years in my role as a Receptionist.

We get great training opportunities and support and are constantly kept up to date with what can be rapidly changing markets and sometimes challenging situations and of course, if we can’t answer your questions, then we know exactly who to turn to for help

Best thing of all working here are all the cuddles I get which are absolutely priceless.

Sandy Bevan
It goes without saying that I love animals and to be surrounded by them all day, it is a dream job.

I love seeing a once poorly animal come bounding into the practice for their check up, full of life again. Always makes me smile.


Paulette Coles

I love meeting our wonderful clients and their pets.

The best part of my job is knowing that whatever the problem our team give 100% to each client from the moment they walk through the door


Rachel Keating

I enjoy meeting new people and their lovely pets and all animals in general.


Felicity Share

Working as a veterinary receptionist allows me to use my passion for customer service whilst working alongside animals, for me it’s interesting and rewarding, its great working in a job you love!

I enjoy the variety of my role, no 2 days are the same, its fast paced and every day I learn something new! I like seeing how we make a difference to our clients by treating their pets, especially if they have been very poorly.

But also who doesn’t love puppies and kittens? What a perk of the job!



Gill Smith - Practice Manager

Alex Green – Operations Manager

I have been part of the family business for a long time and so it only felt right that after my time in London gaining valuable experience that I would come back to it and help progress and develop the business.

Much like the rest of the team have already said, no two days are the same, there is so much variety surrounding so many aspects of the business. I also really enjoy the team spirit and mentality we have across the business, we all get along really well which makes everything so much easier.

I enjoy exercising and have just taken up CrossFit in the hope to compete in the future.