Nurse Clinics 

We at Townsend Veterinary Practice understand the importance of preventative healthcare, and for this reason we run a variety of complimentary Nurse clinics - To keep your healthy pets healthy!


Puppies and Kittens

We offer a pre-vaccine puppy/kitten appointment, where your new addition to the family can become one of our Jolly Juniors. You will be given advice on all aspects of owning a puppy/kitten including diet, house training, socialisation and handling. You will also be able to discuss any concerns you may have. It is also a great opportunity for your puppy/kitten's first visit to the practice to be fun and injection free!

Following the completion of the primary vaccination course we offer three further appointments at monthly intervals to advise and assist with all aspects concerning a growing Jolly Junior, with a final appointment at eighteen months of age.


Post Neutering

Four months after the neutering of your pet, you will be invited to bring your pet to the Nurse clinic to have them checked and weighed. Weight gain is a common concern post-neutering. We're here to help if this is the case! 


Weight Clinic

Pet obesity is an all to common problem and can lead to serious health problems. We know how difficult it can be to convince your pet to lose weight. We're here to help you every step of the way. Fat2Fit is our very successful weight loss clinic, we offer regular weigh-ins, advice on diet and excercise. For more about our weight clinics click HERE


Dental Clinic

If at any time your pet requires dental treatment, six months after that treatment you will be invited to a dental clinic, where a Nurse will check your pets teeth and advise on any further preventative treatment to assist in the care and maintenance of the teeth.


Senior Pets

Dogs and cats seven years and over are invited to attend our senior pet clinic. A general health check will be carried out and a discussion of some of the diseases commonly seen in senior pets. Early diagnosis of such conditions could greatly improve response to treatment and improve the quality of life for your pet. 


Rabbit Clinic

Keeping pet rabbits happy and healthy is actually a lot more difficult than you may think, but luckily the majority of problems we encounter are easily preventable with proper nutrition and care at home. Our nurses can talk you through all aspects of rabbit care, such as diet and parasite treatment. 


And Much More....

As well as the above clinics, chargeable appointments are available with one of our Nurses for minor procedures such as claw clipping, expressing anal glands, microchipping, behavioural advice and blood pressure monitoring.


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