Station Vets Kilmarnock
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1 Murray Place  Kilmarnock  KA3 7JR  tel: 01563 520114    find us    

Other Services 

Our aim is to offer total health care for your pet. We can give advice on:

  • feeding
  • worming
  • vaccinations
  • dentistry
  • guidance on the care of the older pet
  • obesity
  • first aid
  • neutering
  • pet insurance
  • Identichip is also available

If you have any questions about any aspect of our services please ask at recption for details.

We stock a small range of pet products eg. pet foods, shampoo flea treatments and behavioural aids (eg. haltis and muzzles).

We keep an up to date list of other local agencies eg. rescue services nad kennels and also try to help in cases of lost and found pets.

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