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Useful Links 

The internet is an unrivaled source of information on everything and anything. We have discovered some interesting websites which you might find of use, in addition to the pet information we provide on our site.

 Animal SamaritansA UK registered charity that re-homes unwanted and ill-treated animals in the South-London and North-West Kent Area.
 Give Us A HomeDevoted to the plight of unwanted pets this site also contains a great number of useful links.
 Animals in Distress SanctuaryFounded to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals through 24 hour rescue, veterinary treatment and micro chipping backed up by education, advice programmes and work experience.
 The Blue CrossAllows a veterinary service for animals whose owners cannot afford private veterinary treatment with hospitals in Victoria and Hammersmith London and Grimsby.
 The Destitute Animal ShelterA rescue charity dedicated to caring for the lost, stray and abandoned dogs and cats of the Bolton area. Informative and impressive.
 PDSAPDSA cares for the pets of needy people by providing free veterinary services to their sick and injured animals and by promoting responsible pet ownership.
 Walkabout DogsA fantastic dog-walking service.

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