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Colne Valley Newsletter - May 2017


Two thousand times!

Antony has weighed pets at two thousand appointments in the past year. That is in addition to all his other appointments which include:

-          puppy and kitten clinics

-          quarterly care plan checks

-          post-neutering clinics

-          dental clinics

-          claw clipping

-          emptying anal sacs

-          microchipping

-          assessing blood pressure

-          taking blood samples

-          suture removal

Antony is also currently running our bunny vaccination sessions on specified days whilst we are only being supplied with multi-dose vials of myxomatosis vaccine… and not forgetting our puppy parties on Monday evenings and Wednesday lunchtimes, now available to book singly (£8 per party) for a maximum of three sessions.  


Flea control

If it is May, then it must be time to mention flea control again! (Mind you, I could write that for every monthly newsletter - Ed). Some pet owners wait until their pet shows signs of having fleas before treating, but at this point there will be heavy contamination of the environment, rendering it harder to conquer the problem. It makes much more sense to practice year-round flea control on all your cats and dogs (and rabbits) to ensure you never have to endure the situation where fleas are seen hopping onto you from the floors and furnishings of your home. This is also a way for family, friends and other visitors to carry fleas back to their homes - not something you will want to be responsible for causing!

There are now so many safe and effective ways of ensuring your pet remains free from fleas with palatable tablets, spot-on treatments and collars - we really have moved on from the days of spraying weekly with ‘the orange can’. Many of these products will also protect your pet from other parasite threats such as ticks and internal parasites such as lungworm and roundworms. 

Please ask at reception for more information, or during a consultation. Your pet’s health really is our concern. 


Another Bank Holiday

Please remember that we will be closed on Monday 29th May for the Bank Holiday, with Vets Now providing emergency cover for advice and veterinary care.


Photos below: Another successful weigh-in - Brock has lost 15kg over the past year, equivalent to 30% of his starting bodyweight. 



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