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Colne Valley News – Summer 2018


Safe Travels Amy

We were all very sad to see our ray of sunshine Amy leave us at the end of June after nearly two years. Amy is off on her travels across the world, ending up in Australia to work, travel and spend time with family. Like the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, her smile remains in the practice’s memory. Bon voyage, keep safe and enjoy yourself, Amy - keep on smiling!


Stray pets and wildlife casualties

Please be aware that stray pets and wildlife casualties left at the main surgery or the Wivenhoe branch surgery outside our opening hours will not receive veterinary attention until we next open. Our emergency out-of-hours cover is provided by Vets Now, or you can contact the RSPCA.


Busy Summer Months

We are always exceptionally busy at the practice at this time of year.  With the long days, our pets spend more time outside, dogs are walked more often and for longer and it just seems that they can get into more scrapes and have more accidents.  Things are even more difficult this year with the prolonged, exceptionally hot weather that we are all enjoying.

Over the page we have listed an A to Z of Summer hazards and whilst many of them will seem very obvious, they are ALL things that we will see during the summer season.  We would expect to have at least two or three emergencies such as these brought to us most days but it is often more.  On one evening two weeks ago, we had five emergency cases brought to us during one evening surgery!

When an emergency arrives, we will always endeavour to see them straight away and this means that other animals with scheduled appointments will be kept waiting longer than usual.  We are very grateful that our clients are happy to bear with us when this happens.  We really appreciate your patience.  We know that in most cases, emergencies are genuine accidents but please read our list of hazards, be vigilant and keep your pet safe.

An A to Z of Summer Hazards

Adders: Britain’s only venomous snake - do not disturb      

Barbecues: food, scraps, kebab skewers, fat trap, fire hazard

Corn-on-the cob will cause a serious obstruction if swallowed

Drowning: securely fence off swimming pools and beware of paddling pools and ponds

Exercise early morning/late evening and no ball games in hot weather

Fleas: keep on treating as regularly as advised

Grass blades caught in throat, grass awns/seeds in paws, ears etc.

Harvest mites: bright orange specks around ears, on chin and paws

Itching: fleas among other causes!

Jelly fish: check for warnings before going to the beach

Kennel cough: highly infectious, productive cough

Lungworm: transmitted by infected slugs and snails - treat dogs regularly

Myxomatosis: bunnies need an annual vaccination (also against VHD)

Nettles: can cause intense irritation of paws

Overheating in cars and pet carriers leading to horrendous heat-stroke

Pavements which can burn pads when hot

Quick action in an emergency - ring us for advice

Roads: melted tarmac can burn pads and stick to fur

Sunburn: especially cats with white ears and nose

Ticks: ask us how to protect your pets

Unplanned litters: neuter when young, e.g. cats at four months old

Vaccinations: check up-to-date well before boarding at kennels and catteries

Water: ensure plenty of fresh drinking water available for all pets

Xylitol: hidden danger in foods dogs may eat or scavenge e.g. peanut butter

You can always ring us for advice

Zzzzzzzz: encourage your pet to keep cool and sleep in the shade




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