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Colne Valley News – January 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018, which will see the twentieth anniversary of our move into this building from Military Road. (It still seems like yesterday to me - Ed.) There have been various changes over the years, but our remit to care for your pets has not altered - ‘Your friends are our concern’ still holds true.

Flea control

December saw its usual peak in finding fleas on dogs and cats. There seems to be a general perception that flea control is not needed once the weather changes and becomes colder. This is not, however, the case, particularly so if we have a warm autumn. Successful flea control requires year-round application of an effective product as regularly as advised by the manufacturer.

Question: Where are fleas going to thrive when the temperature drops outside?

Answer: In a warm house with the humid atmosphere created by washing being aired as it cannot be hung outside, together with central heating, kettles boiling, general cooking, and hot baths and showers.

House cats are not exempt from flea control. It is not unusual to find fleas on a house cat because your home is not a sealed unit, unless it is truly cut off from the outside world which is highly unlikely. Your cat may not go out, but there will be movement of people and objects in and out of the home. We can carry in fleas on our clothing, for example.

When addressing the environment, do not forget the car. Again, your pet may not travel in your car, but you will be moving between house and car, and other buildings. Estate agents are the classic example of people who can bring fleas home from their work. Veterinary practice staff must also fall into that category!

Ask us for more information about the ideal flea control for your pet. We will also be able to advise you on treatment for internal parasites including roundworm, tapeworm and lungworm.

What is a Body Condition Score?

This is simply a way of describing how your dog, cat or rabbit is carrying his or her weight. The actual number of kilogrammes is an easy way to spot changes, but recording the Body Condition Score or BCS as well is an instant guide to whether your pet was considered to be at his or her ideal bodyweight at previous visits. Also, insurance companies often require the BCS when an insurance claim is submitted.

Make 2018 the year your pet attains and maintains his or her ideal BCS. You may have broken your own New Year’s resolution(s) by the time you read this, but how about making a new one now on behalf of your pet? Our nurse Antony runs weight clinics and will be happy to provide help and support throughout the year. Book an appointment with him to have your pet assessed. Being at the ideal BCS is good for your pet’s health in so many ways.

Remember the wild birds

The RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch takes place on 27th - 29th January. All you need to do is to note the birds you see in an hour in your garden or local park. If you do not do so already, you can start to attract them now by putting out bird food, and then continue the habit afterwards to help them through any adverse winter weather. Take a look at the RSPB website for more information.





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