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Colne Valley News – January 2018


Happy Twentieth Anniversary!

Smudge (above) celebrated his tenth birthday last month with a special springtime walk. On 28th April, we celebrate twenty years since the Mayor of Colchester opened our new building at the bottom of Hythe Hill. Many clients and some current members of staff have memories of life as Military Road Veterinary Practice at 81 Military Road. There is a history of the practice on the website, and we would love you to share any memories you may have via Facebook or Twitter.

The Editor writes ‘I vividly remember my fifth day with the practice.  It was the August Bank Holiday Monday in 1991, and I was battling with the computer system to write up an emergency I had just attended when I heard a banging coming from upstairs. With some trepidation, I went to investigate. The noise seemed to be coming from what looked like a bathroom. I warily put my head round the door…and was confronted with the sight of about twenty tortoises having a very merry time!’

Bank Holidays

With the Easter break behind us, there are two more Bank Holidays looming:

Early May Bank Holiday         Monday 7th May

Spring Bank Holiday               Monday 28th May

The practice and branch surgery will be closed on those days, with Vets Now providing an emergency service on our behalf but, however, unable to dispense regular medications. Please therefore, ensure in good time that you have sufficient of any drugs and prescription food that your pet needs. Remember that your pet may be due a medication review and need to be examined by a veterinary surgeon, so put in your request well beforehand, giving us at least 24 hours’ notice. Please try to avoid ringing with a dispensing request on the Saturday of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Insurance claims

More pet owners are taking out insurance to cover veterinary treatment of their pets. This inevitably means that there are more claim forms for our vets to complete. Please help us by completing in full your section of the form before handing it in.

Remember that many insurance companies require claims to be submitted within a specified number of months of starting treatment. Also, submitting claims on a regular basis rather than after several months of treatment makes the paperwork easier for us to complete.

It is true to say though that with advances in veterinary care and treatment options as well as the ever increasing number of specialist veterinary practices able to carry out very technical surgical procedures, veterinary bills can be expensive and we would always recommend taking out insurance for your pets.  Always read the small print and take out a policy with premiums that you can reasonably afford.  In the world of pet insurance, it seems that the quality of cover provided by insurance companies is reflected in the cost that you pay for it and those with low monthly premiums are certainly not always the best ones.

Claw care

Just as our finger and toe nails need to be clipped regularly, so do the claws on our pets’ feet. Hearing your dog’s claws clatter across a hard surface is a tell-tale sign of needing to be clipped, but checking your cat’s claws can be more of a challenge. Sadly, we do often come across claws which have overgrown to such an extent that they have actually grown round into the pad - this happens particularly in older cats. Rabbits and guinea pigs also have claws on their paws which need monitoring. Make an appointment with Antony if your pet needs his or her claws clipping, or you can always ask the vet during a consultation.



The bluebells aren’t quite out yet at the time of writing.  This photo is from last year but surely it can’t be long before we get to see sites like this again on our dog walks.


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