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Is your pet microchipped?
Having your pet microchipped gives you the best chances to be reunited agin with your beloved companion.
Microchipping provides a permanent, inexpensive form of identification that cannot be lost, altered, or intentionally removed. The process is quick and painless and can help ensure a happy reunion.
Microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice and are inserted in the scruff of the pet's neck. Each microchip has a unique identification number that is never duplicated. Once implanted it can be scanned to find the details of the pet's home and owner.
Once implanted with a microchip, your pet's details will be added to the database. This enables you to be traced by an authorised body (vets, charities, police, etc.) who can scan your pet and read the microchip number. If your pet is lost while you are travelling in Europe, you can still be traced as Petlog is the UK member of the European Pet Network.


If you have lost your pet, please let us know immediately and we will include details below and also on the lists we hold at our reception desks.  You should also notify / contact as many local vets as possible, put up signs in your local area and speak to your neighbours.

When your pet is found or returns, we should appreciate it if you would let us know.




7.1.14: CAT: Male tabby missing since 4.1.14; no collar or microchip. Last seen in Charles Crescent, Harrow. Contact Molla on 07507 06533407969 343 752

10.1.14: Cat, male neutered, iight ginger with distinctive markings, about 4 yrs old; microchipped.  Missing from Ivinghoe Road, Bushey around 23 December.  Contact Imogen on 07759 718001

27.1.14: Cat, white dsh with black markings, 1y4m, has microchip and wired jaw after accident. Missing from Paines Lane, Pinner, since 24/1/14. Contact Julie Steed on 07591 089912

14.2.14: Cat, 10 month old male neutered spotted tabby; has yellow collar and is microchipped. Contact Barry Clark on 07957 556115

14.2.14 Cat, 10 mopnth old male entire brown tabby; missing from Charles Crescent, Harrow, since 14 January. Has no collar and is not microchipped.  Contact Noella on 07507 065334

10.3.14: Birds: Around 40 birds missing after fox broke into their aviary - budgies, canaries, cockatiels and a green conure. Missing from Kenton area - contact Sonya on 07504 00776.

21.3.14: Cat; 4.5yr old black & white domestic shorhair (black face with white blaze), has microchip but no collar, missing from South Ruislip for five days, contact David on 07908 816553

24.3.14: Cat, Tabby domestic shorthair with white paws and chin; no collar but microchipped, missing from Mount Drive, Harrow. Contact Karen on 07814 527949

4.4.14: Cat, Year old male tabby domestic shorthair, missing from Greenhill Road, Harrow. Has microchip. Contact Miss Littleton on 020 8863 5729 or 07973 886575

9.4.14: Cat, 3.5yo black domestic shorthair, white flash on chest, has purple collar with bell and is microchipped, missing from Elstree Road, Bushey for 10 days. Contact Mrs Colla on 020 8950 6544 / 07703 258472

FOUND: 10.4.14.  Dog: 1 yr old white bichon frise, missing from Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, since yesterday morning; no microchip, but has a yellow collar. Contact Miss Freitas on 07801 573242

24.4.14: Cat, Female 4yo domestic shorthair; missing since 21 March; White with tabby back, back of head and markings either side of nose. Last seen in Merryhill Mount, Bushey, WD23. Contact 07970 089891

REUNITED:28.4.14: Cat: 6yo brown and ginger male; has fluorescent collar and is microchipped.  Missing from Prowse Avenue, Bushey Heath since 5.30pm 24 April.  Contact Jo Tribble on 07767 892158.

9.5.14: Cat: Male neutered Turkish Van cross, 8 yo, no microchip or collar. Missing from Little Bushey Lane, Bushey.  Contact  Mrs Broden 07500 482487

28.5.14: female black labrador 3yrs 6monts is wearing orange collar with tag and has chip. Was spooked on walk this morning and ran off. Was spotted on Bushey High Street. Contact Katheryn Rhan on 07715 019589

28.5.14: Ferret:  small female ferret, has a light gray/white body, dark gray tail and a black spot on her nose. fractured her back left leg when younger so walks a bit funny, is also missing a tooth. Last see in the Gardens on 11/05/14, South Greenford. Contact Agata on 07577453097

6.6.14: Cat, Silver tabby, 10 months old, 5 weeks pregnant.  No microchip or collar. Missing from Kenton area.  Contact Mrs Lewin on 020 8907 4600.

12.6.14: Cat, Black & white elderly domestic shorthair, frail, has microchip but no collar.  Missing from Wilson Garens, Harrow since 11.6.14.  Contact Mrs Wildey on 020 8423 3387 or 07843 103666

16.6.14: Cat, male neutered domestic shorthair, grey with white patches on paws and chest, missing from  Butler Road, South Harrow since Friday 13th. Contact Kenny McKenzie Moore on 07940 294312

FOUND: 17.6.14: Dog, male, grey, WHWT ran off from dog walker in Elstree 16.6.14.  Has collar and microchip. Contact Lindy on 07977 236648

22.6.14: Cat, Black & white female dsh, 14yo, small and nervous.  Missing from Pinner Hill Road,Pinner. Contact 020 8866 1756 or 17922 163411

4.7.14: Cat, male black domestic shorthair, 2y 4m, missing from Pinner Road,  Harrow, since last night.  Has microchip.  Contact Ms McCargo on 020 8427 6849 or 07962 272919

14.7.14: Cat, Ginger domestic shorthair with white paws and belly, is microchipped.  Missing from Little Bushey Lane since Saturday, 12.7.14. Contact Mrs Hibbert on 020 83861599

15.7.14: Cat, Silver tabby, female, 3.5 yo; is microchipped and wearing yellow fabric collar.  Missing from Ebury Road, Rickmansworth. Contact Joanne Warburton on 07778 522609 or

15.7.14: Puppy, Cavalier King Charles, escaped fom back garden in Butler Avenue, Harrow.  Has microchip. Contact Mrs Agerbak on 020 8423 5999 or 079 77003999

15.7.14: Tabby and White domestic shorthair, 2 yrs old, white chest, no collar or microdhip.  Missing from Little Bushey Lane, Bushey. Contact Mrs Nathan on 078 66916494

30.7.14: Cat, Tabby & White female domestic shorthair, 16yo, has microchip.  Missing from Park Lane Harrow, since last night.  Contact Mrs Rejman on 020 8422 7794 or 07946 615838.

31.7.14: Cat, 3.5 yo, male white/tabby domestic longhair, missing from Rainsford Close, Stanmore since 29..7.14.  Contact Mrs McLemon on 020 8954 0720 or 07977 929281

19.8.14: Cat:  8 month old female un-neutered pure white cat has gone missing on the 18.8.14 night. Has distinctive black dot on forehead and is not chipped. Cats name is silvey. owner contact number 07799 605487

01.09.14: Black dsh, MN no collar/chip, small cat, missing from Kenton Lane. Contact Miss fernandez on  07956 551807

14.9.14: Cat, ginger & white (white chest and face), missing from Priest Park Avenue, South Harrow. Contact  Kim Bryant - 07901 875556

14.11.14: Cat, 18 month old, domestic longhair, no collar and faulty chip, missing from Bushey Hall Farm, Bushey Mill Lane since 7/11/14. Contact Julie on  07747 858947

22.11.14: Cat, Small/med build grey male neutered tabby, 2 yo, has microchip but no collar.  Missing from The Gardens, West Harrow since 21.11.14. Contact Mrs Perring on 020 08427 0251

5.12.14: Cat,  Ginger and white long haired cat, 8 years old, is microchipped however owner is in Mexico currently. Male castrated and is wearing a black collar white bow tie and bell. Last seen on 24th November on Fairhorn Road Harrow..  Please contact Piroska Geroczi on 07429542888

5.12.14: Cat, Female semi long-haired tabby; microchip but no collar. Last seen in Harrow Weald. Contact Allan Marshall 07852 993092

15.12.14: Chicken: Small white chicken missing from Sussex Road since Thursday 11th. Contact Pauline Eldridge on 020 8248 4289

22.12.14: Cat, male black & brown 5 year old tabby; has microchip and collar. Contact Graham Smith on 07739535330

31.12.14: Cat, 18 year old female tortoiseshell, missing from Whitemore Road, Harrow; no collar or microchip.  Contact Mrs Young on 020 08423 6439

06.01.2015: Dog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Male/entire, 5 years old, Blue with white chest and socks.  Large and friendly.  C shaped scar on back of one hind leg.  Contact Simmone barr 07591641174.

10.01.2015: Cat, Black DSH, chipped and wearing a black collar with green reflectice eyes.  Missing from Harrow-on -the-Hill.  Contact Mark Davidson 07446 989 556

30.01.2015: Dog, Jackapoo, 4 years, Black and Grey with one white paw at the front. Balck collar with studs, no chip.  Missing from Sparrows Hearne, Bushey.  Contact Laura or Wayne 07503 442 619

05.02.2015: Cat, MN, Ginger and White, less than one year old, has a collar with bow tie on it, chipped, very shy cat.  Call Lisa  07843 110 410.

18.02.2015: FOUND Cat, Burmese cross, Black and White, Female, Chipped but no collar, missing from Northwick Park Rd.  Contact Ms Vitale on 07768056939

23.03.2015: Cat, DSH, Black, Microchiped, Female, missing from Stanley Road, South Harrow.  Contact Mr Reed 07446 846 884

30.03.2015: Cat, Male/entire White with black spot on head, 1 year, No collar, No Microchip.  Contact Zain 07403 490 199.

09.05.2015: Cat, Bengal, Male/neutered, chipped, blue collar.  Last seen Oxhey Village.  Contact Denise O'Melia 07786326525 or Paul 01525 266 317

01.02.2015: Cat, DSH, Black, Male/neutered, Chipped.  Missing from Romney Drive Harrow.  Contact Mrs Irivine  020 3718 2220

01.08.2016: Cat, DSH, grey with small white patch on neck, Microschipped, no collar, 3yrs old female.  Co0ntcat Judith  on 020 8427 6996 or 07904 756 529

10.01.2017 - Lost ginger cat age 2-3 yrs old lost a few months ago near Cornwall Road HA14NE


24.4.14: Cat:  Found in South Harrow on night of 24-25 April, adult female ginger and white cat in very poor state. Had to be euthanised on humane grounds by Vets Now. No collar or microchip.

 29.4.14: Cat, Found on side street between Vaughan & Butler roads, West Harrow, young male neutered DLH, grey with white paws and face, no collar or chip. Phone Aidan on 07913100269

REHOMED: 13.6.14: Cat; Black & white male kitten, approx 3-5 months old, found outside 64 The Drive, Harrow, around 4am this morning.  No collar or microchip. Contact Barnfield House on 020 8427 7360.

1.7.14: Cat, Tortie & White kitten, approx. 3 months.No microchip or collar.  Found injured in Canterbury Road, Harrow. Kitten has been transferred to RSPCA for treatment. Contact Barnfield House on 020 8427 7360.

REHOMED: 28.7.14: Cat, black female kitten left at Barnfield House; approx. 6 weeks old. Contact Barnfield on 020 8427 7360

1.8.14: Cat, Tortoiseshell domestic shorthair, Found in Maple Avenue, South Harrow. She has been wandering around since 28.7.14 and appears to be lost, Please contact Mrs Knight on

1.8.14: Rabbit: Light ginger rabbit handed into Medivet Watford; has been newly castrated as stitches

are still in. Contact them on 0923243429

5.8.14: Bird; Small grey & white exotic bird with long light grey feathers  from it’s head, which is white. Found at Hartsbourne country Club. Contact: Natasha Deyong tel 07747 440446

REHOMED: 9.8.14: Cat, Silver/black Bengal, found in High Worple, Harrow.  No collar or microchip. Has been wandering around for approx 4 weeks. Contact Barnfield House on 020 8427 7360

14.8.14; Cat, Black & white male domestic shorthair, found dead in Lascelles Avenue on 12.8.14.  No microchip or collar. Contact Barnfield House.

6.10.14: Cockatiel, found on fence post in South Harrow; Bright Yellow all over with big ornage cheeks and typical feather on head.  Contact Lisa on 020 8426 5580

31.10.14: Cat, tortoiseshell domestic shorthair, approx. 1-1.5 yo, found by Harrow on the Hill station, good condition but no collar or microchip.  Contact Grace Simpson on 07856 830267

19.11.14: Cat, Female tabby domestic shorthair, approx. 4 months old, handed in to Harrow Leisure Centre  Contact Jenny Clark 07710408057;

3.12.14: Dog, Yorkie - possibly elderly as has no front teeth hence sticking out tongue. Handed in to Blythwood Vets in Bushey. Contact 020 8950 2002

24.12.14: Dog, Chihuahua, handed in to  Blythwood Bushey. Has microchip, but chip not registered -  981000100055414. Contact 020 8950 2002

06.01.15: Dog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, entire male, 







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