Girls (Queens) 

All our girls live indoors and are very much part of the family, they all have different personalities and are loved equally.

Pedigree Name: Kitamber Molly The Mop
Seal Point Balinese
Breed Nos: 61
Pet Name: Molly

Pedigree Name: Kitamber Darciebludawn
Seal Tortie Point Balinese
Breed Nos: 61e
Pet Name: Darcie

Pedigree Name: Kitamber Viviette
Blue Tortie Tabby Point Balinese
Breed Nos: 61gt
Pet Name: Vivie

Pedigree Name: Kitamber Basrababe
Chocolate Tabby Point Balinese
Breed Nos: 61bt
Pet Name: Megan

Pedigree Name: Adcinam Heddylemar
Lilac Point Balinese
Breed Nos: 61c
Pet Name: Fast Eddy

Pedigree Name: Kitamber Evenfall
Chocolate Point Siamese
Breed Nos: 24b
Pet Name: Poppy

Pedigree Name: A round of applause please for Kitamber Ellie Oddball
Seal Point variant
Breed Nos: 61v
Pet Name: Ellie
Hopefully having babies of her own in 2007

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